Oh my goodness, this the most relaxing, exhilarating, feel good week i have had in a long time. Thank you to all the people involved that made this happen for us. I have enjoyed laying in bed till after 9:00 am, being able to take sufficient rest periods between my sets when I work out. Washing and styling my hair efficiently. Using my blow dryer so I don’t have to walk around with wet hair. Creaming my whole body, and squeezing in a little extra deep massage on those needed areas. Playing the music as loud as I want no matter what time it is. Its been a humbling realisation how these little things fill my cup, and at 41, 4 babies later, i have gotten really good at knowing what is important for me and my overall wellbeing. Of course as women we grind on and do what we have to do, and i miss the kids, but two things are for sure. 1. I am getting my kids back and 2. This time personal time restraint wont be forever. ( as i have been privileged to experience with my two older girls) so see it like that last set of ten reps, its hard when you’re in it, but it will be over and the long term benefits always out weigh the in the moment struggle.

I think one thing that was a game changer for this time away from the kids was that we were home. I am sure the usual go to is to plan a “getaway” and trust me this is what i have also done in the past, but being at home, having all my loves, like my bed, my bathroom with all of my stuff, the gym close and just my whole space really allowed me to feel relaxed and maximise this down time. So if i gave one piece of advice, it would be to try a “staycation” in your home and see if that could be just as lovely a getaway as an out of town hotel or BnB.

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