Why is it so confusing? Why is it such a dread? Ugh ask me who is knew deep in it with my 2 1/2 year old. I catch myself asking, is this to soon? Should we just wait? But noooo i dont want to be a parent failure! Wait wait hold up……. Parent failure, yup throw that a way please, there are no failures, just challenges that teach you more about how you can be creative and versatile. As i write that i laugh a little, i must take my own words into consideration. At the moment i feel like i would loose my s%*€. But we take a breath, remember this is about your sanity, and focus on making this anxiety free. That is my priority, everything else is crazy, this one we can take one day at a time, one potty triumph at a time.  This one i will remember, and this one i will smile about and say, hey that one was a tough one, but be so proud i got through it, because as all us mothers know, it seems dark and dreary when your going through the thick of it! 

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