Its almost time to launch Khonsu, my swimwear line and its taken almost three years from thought to reality. I am excited, i am nervous i am feeling overwhelmed. There is a lot going on and a lot to do. I mean who doesn't want it to be perfect, but what the hell does that mean?!? “Perfect” that means for me, not failing, at my mom job, my wife job or my new business job. A lot jobs to not fail yet. Is that realistic, probably not, something will have to take a few falls in the process, but i have continued to remind myself that its not forever and one of these job sectors will understand. Right?!? Of course, they all love me and want me to be happy trying to do the best i can every day soooo much easier said than done. I have been in my head a lot, i have cried, and i have hugged myself, my kids, and my man. I am really grateful i have my safe space, it motivates me and supports me and thats the important part. The key part, because no matter what happens, this space welcomes me at all costs. I know this will be an on going struggle of balance, and learning, but i think its worth it, and if i am excited and scared, that means i am on the right track.

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