Khonsu is a powerful symbol of

protection, health and fertility.

The name Khonsu comes from the ancient Egyptian moon god. To many women in Ancient Egypt, he was the god of childbirth and pregnancy, ensuring that mothers and babies would be safe during this vulnerable period of life. Even today the influence can be felt through moon rituals and goddess circles, where women honor Khonsu's legacy and the power of the moon. For example, women may use these rituals to celebrate the new moon or mark special occasions and changes in their lives. Whatever the reason, Khonsu's presence can bring a sense of peace, safety, and fertility. Khonsu is a reminder that the divine feminine energy is powerful, beautiful, and ever-present. For us it is a symbol of hope, strength, and protection for women throughout time.

Our mission

Our mission is to integrate Khonsu symbolism by protecting mothers and helping them embrace their motherhood journey with confidence wearing our unique designs - Produced by a small family owned business that incorporate women-oriented sustainability. We believe that every individual motherhood journey should be celebrated, and we strive to make sure our products provide the comfort and confidence needed for mothers to feel beautiful in their own skin. With this mission in mind, we have chosen to focus on slow fashion - supporting motherhood, caring for women, and protecting our planet. We are committed to creating rare, carefully crafted swimwear that empowers women to confidently embrace motherhood.

We invite you to join us in our mission of transformation, empowerment and sustainability. Let's make a difference together!

with Love

Colette - our Designer

Khonsu for me was an opportunity to create a brand, a product that was encompassing the feeling, the look, the strength of women when they make the transition to create life. Expanding beyond themselves through growing life within. A huge decision, a deeper decision, a welcomed step towards growth. Growth to the next level of being a woman.  

  With so many ideas on how I wanted to do this creatively, I chose to focus on swimwear. It was an area I had already explored in my life and with my own pregnancy, realized that I could dive deeply in expanding my creativity in fashion, as well as supporting women at a time when we can go through so many emotional and physical changes.  Having my first child at 20 and my most recent one at 40, I knew all too well the emotional and physical changes that wash over us during this special time. Being open to the possibilities that could be presented, I was extremely excited to embark on this new journey.  

My commitment and purpose to Khonsu is to be a positive guide for women and children through the development of this Brand, building a motherhood platform for women from all parts of the world. I feel deeply passionate about being a part of such a key time of transformation for women, this is the true source of love and the greatest expression of mother, women, and love that we give to the world. Our ability to bring forth life.

Alex - our Production manager

Alex is an ambitious and passionate entrepreneur who loves to take on the most daring adventures. He believes in pushing the boundaries of what's possible, and that includes his work as production manager for Khonsu Swimwear.

Originally from London, he now lives near Bern, Switzerland. His background lies in personal advising to professional athletes, and he brings the same level of zeal and enthusiasm to his current role.

As production manager for Khonsu, Alex is devoted to providing women with swimwear that meets their needs and desires. He is committed to making sure that every stitch used in production is sustainable, so it has a positive impact on the environment and women.

Alex's knowledge and experience make him a great leader in the world of sustainable fashion, and it's no surprise that he has become such an inspirational figure for many. He is living proof that with passion and ambition anything can be achieved. Alex radiates confidence and wants to help others get out of their comfort zone and reach their fullest potential.

From rowing across the Pacific Ocean to managing Khonsu Swimwear, Alex has taken on some of life’s greatest challenges. He is sure to be an integral part of our future success. His enthusiasm and determination are contagious and will never fail to inspire us all. We are proud to have him on board!

Alex is a devoted father to Scarlette and Chesterfield, and the lucky man by the side of Colette.