For the last week and a half i have been alone with my almost 2 1/2 year old and 10 month old, and to say the least its been HEAVY!!!

I can definitely say this because with my first two children i was in Barbados where my dads family lives as well as my cousins and few close friends. With that i had all the support and love and encouragement i needed as a mom. Being here in Swiss with no family and not many friends, i think due to the language barrier, i find myself feeling lonely on this second journey of motherhood. This only arises when i am alone with the kids, because when my fiancé is home, its a shared affair. This right here is the key. It isn't that i want new friends or want to be out and about, or even have my own time, its just the shared support a women/mother feels when she has her close friends and family doing it with her.

We really dont give enough gratitude towards our close relationships and how they carry us along our lives paths until they just aren't there. If its one thing i have learned, this is key when deciding to have a family, because when those times come along, its so nice to have someone to share the struggle with, if it isn't your significant other. 

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