Well a weekend away keeps the soul……….. ok never mind i couldn’t come up with some fab rhyming word to keep that sentence catchy. No worries, the weekend away was amazing and exactly what my groove needed. Of course i missed the littles every second of every day, and schmoozed at all the other little ones i saw pass me by, but boy was i happy to only have to worry about getting myself dressed, fed, hydrated, rested and loved the £*%$ up! Yessssss that last part was trés important, and my absolute fav part. I think us women forget how important it is to feel beautiful, desired, and made a big deal of. We never take enough moments and time to do this for ourselves and we really should, because the whole house rests on us, literally. We are the glue that keeps it all together and functioning impeccably. I love that, and why i spare no expense or effort to take the time to give back to myself. Reminding myself i am beautiful, i deserve that massage, or glass of champagne, or that lovely compliment about my skin from the spa lady. Thank you Tiffany. Ladies, L’oreal was right, you’re worth it, so get out and make space for you! 

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