So many thoughts are consuming me regarding my breastfeeding journey with my son, and why the universe is choosing to end it sooner than i would of liked.

Many thoughts are arising; will he be strong and have all the good antibodies he needs even though i didnt go for a year. He is the boy, he deserves it more than the girls why is my body cutting him short. He eats so much how can i keep up with this.

What formula do i use. I am so excited about how my body is already changing. Is that selfish?

Is this the end of my young motherhood? So many questions, so many thoughts.

Of course i give myself space and grace, but its still hard sometimes not to get caught up in the negative personal beat down. Repeat after me i say; this is the right path, nothing changes in your thoughts and wishes for your babies, your always doing the best for them.

I am important, i am ok, this to shall pass. I am grateful that i was able to even, so thank you mother universe for giving me such a beautiful diverse experience with my babies, i cherish them all!



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